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At the beginning of the twelfth session of the Islamic Conference of Tourism Ministers, Hussein Taha: Tourism has the transformative power to alleviate poverty.

Khiva (UNA) - The Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Hussein Ibrahim Taha, delivered a speech The opening session of DrThe twelfth session of the Islamic Conference of Tourism Ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Khiva, Republic of Uzbekistan on June 2, 2024.

It was Minister of Environment وClimate change in the Republic of Uzbekistan, Aziz Abdulhakimov, may beginsession Editorial For the twelfth session of the Islamic Tourism Conference, stressing Uzbekistan’s desire to continue strengthening cooperation among OIC member states in the field of tourism, especially after recovering from the pandemic. Corona.

During his speech at the opening session, he mentioned: The Secretary-General said that tourism represents a strong catalyst for economic growth, especially for micro, small and medium enterprises, which form the backbone of the OIC member states.

He added that by investing in Brown Infrastructure, enhancing cultural heritage and facilitating entrepreneurship opportunities, member states of the organization can Make room for projects Small and medium-sized enterprises to generate employment opportunities, stimulate innovation and drive inclusive growth.

وHussein Taha explained that about 80% of tourism companies categorized, according to the organization United Nations Tourism, that she is Micro, small and medium projects، And that women make up Rate 54% of the tourism workforce In the pre-pandemic period.

He emphasized Owning a sector Tourism has the transformative potential to alleviate poverty through... to provide Income generating opportunities for local communities, especially in rural and marginalized areas.

Moreover, the Secretary-General emphasized that the OIC can ensure that the benefits of tourism reach those who need them most, and contribute to poverty eradication and sustainable development.، By promoting community tourism initiatives and empowering local stakeholders.

The Secretary-General expressed his sincere appreciation To the honorable people and government of Uzbekistan Esteemed To host Twelfth session To the Islamic Conference of Tourism Ministers in Khiva Historical and cultural, it is one of the tourist destinations of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and is widely praised for its rich Islamic cultural heritage.

Mr. Hussein Taha also expressed his sincere gratitude to the Republic of Azerbaijan, For her distinguished management during her presidency of the eleventh session of the Islamic Conference of Tourism Ministers.

Finally, the Secretary-General expressed As well Expressing his appreciation to the institutions of the organization relevant, which cooperated in implementing various decisions Islamic Conference of Tourism Ministers on Over the past years.

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