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In light of comprehensive insurance measures, Egypt proceeds to evacuate its forces in Sudan

Cairo (UNA) - The Egyptian Armed Forces revealed, on Thursday, that in light of the current events in the Sudanese territories and within the framework of the efforts of the Egyptian Armed Forces and the close cooperation between all the security services in Egypt and Sudan to secure the return of the Egyptian forces participating in joint training with the Sudanese forces. April XNUMX Taking all the necessary coordination measures with the Sudanese authorities to land XNUMX military transport planes from the Egyptian armed forces at an air base in the Sudanese territory to carry out the task of evacuating the Egyptian forces under comprehensive security procedures for the forces and take off from Sudanese territory through XNUMX consecutive flights for most of the elements of the Egyptian force and return. them to an Egyptian military base in Cairo.

And she added: Today, Thursday morning, April XNUMX, and in coordination with the concerned Sudanese authorities, friendly and brotherly countries, and the International Committee of the Red Cross in Sudan, the rest of the Egyptian armed forces arrived at the headquarters of the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt, in preparation for completing the procedures for their evacuation from Sudanese lands, as soon as the situation stabilizes and appropriate security conditions are available for their return to the land. Motherland.

The armed forces confirmed the health and safety of all Egyptian personnel who arrived at the homeland, as well as those present at the Egyptian embassy in Khartoum.

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