Workshop coordination and facilitation of media information

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Workshop reference sheet

 Coordinating and facilitating the exchange of media information between the team through the use of digital solutions   


Based on the principle of cooperation between the UNA Union UNA And the OSBU Union, keen on the importance of digital transformation, especially in the media field, has prepared workshops for media professionals that contain specialized, practical programs in several fields, including the field of coordination and facilitation of the exchange of media information,

This workshop serves individuals and media institutions using the mechanisms of applied sciences to serve this field. It also helps to exchange and transfer information between team members very quickly, which saves effort and time, data preservation, speed of dealing and spreading the news quickly.

The focus will be on the use of technology in archiving electronic files and cloud storage methods for large files, while ensuring the protection and privacy of the data and files of the work team.

This workshop is based on:

  • Training the team to share media data.
  • Save time and effort in conveying the news to the media.
  • Preserving data and information and facilitating team work.
  • See the extent to which the transfer of information developed between the two media.
  • Cloud storage and archiving.
  • File backup.


The workshop aims to:

Training the team on the most important advantages of saving data in more than one place at the same time, saving time by recording or saving data once on more than one device and dealing with it directly and facilitating project management by seeing the extent of the development of each task and setting appointments and tasks among team members and viewing on the work of each of them and see the extent of his achievement of his work.


The workshop will be held with the participation of the following entities:

  1. Radios and televisions of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation countries
  2. News agencies in the OIC countries
  3. Organs of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation
  4. General Secretariat of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation

Workshop themes

The workshop focuses on four integrated themes:

The first axis: Private instant sharing with the team for texts, photos and videos.

The second axisTask management between the team.

Third axisCloud storage for large files.

fourth Axis Cloud archiving of previous projects.


1- A comprehensive report on the workshop that includes its most important recommendations and outputs in the field of media.

2- Distribution of working papers that will be presented during the workshop.

This workshop is not traditional

It aims to provide the attendees with technical skills that can be used in daily and practical life. Therefore, we recommend focusing and interacting to get the highest possible benefit.

This workshop is based on practical application

We recommend that you have a mobile device connected to the Internet or that you prepare to record your notes for easy reference in the future.


It is expected that the participants in the workshop will speak in more than one language, and for this reason the works of the workshop will be translated simultaneously into the main languages ​​of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, namely Arabic, English and French.

date and time

29 May 2023

The time is 13:00 Mecca Al-Mukarramah time


via the ZOOM platform

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