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The Gaza war is the bloodiest for journalists in modern history

grandmother (UNA) - The media advisor to the Muslim World League and researcher in communication and civilizational dialogue, Dr. Al-Mahjoub Bensaid, confirmed that many reports from human rights organizations and regional and international professional federations confirmed that the Gaza war in Palestine is the bloodiest for journalists in modern history, and therefore, in my belief, it is the war that most assaults peace journalism. .

This came during his participation in the media forum: “Media and Palestinian Right: Practical steps to build on initiatives to recognize Palestine,” which was held via video conference on Sunday (June 9, 2024) and organized by the Union of News Agencies of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries.UNA), and the Assistant Secretariat for Institutional Communication of the Muslim World League, with the participation of news agencies in Islamic countries, international media unions, heads of international news agencies, and an elite group of diplomatic and intellectual figures.

Bensaid pointed out that the International Committee of Journalists stated that Israel committed war crimes against journalists, and arrested many of them, while the number of journalists killed exceeded 150 journalists of different nationalities, pointing out that the current war on Gaza and Palestine revealed the extent to which many governments and politicians in the West had abandoned Their moral conscience, moral responsibilities, and humanitarian affiliation, even though they do not stop giving lessons in democracy and freedom of expression to the rest of the countries in the south.

He explained that thanks to the widespread use of social media networks and new media technologies, the brutality and destruction committed by the Israeli occupation forces was exposed, which led to the widening of the circle of international condemnation and the organization of massive demonstrations in various world capitals in support of the Palestinian people and their right to an independent state and to live in dignity like the rest of the peoples of the world.

It is noteworthy that the forum issued a number of recommendations at the conclusion of its work, including eleven executive initiatives that enhance Islamic and international media support to defend the rights of the Palestinian people.

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