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The head of the Tunisian News Agency urges intensifying media coverage of initiatives to recognize the State of Palestine

grandmother (UNA) - The President and General Director of the Tunis Africa News Agency, Dr. Najeh El-Missaoui, stressed the necessity of continuing to publish news of the campaign to recognize Palestinian rights and diversifying sources, especially from supportive capitals.

This came during his participation in the media forum: “Media and Palestinian Right: Practical steps to build on initiatives to recognize Palestine,” which was held via video conference on Sunday (June 9, 2024) and organized by the Union of News Agencies of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries.UNA), and the Assistant Secretariat for Institutional Communication of the Muslim World League, with the participation of news agencies in Islamic countries, international media unions, heads of international news agencies, and an elite group of diplomatic and intellectual figures.

Al-Missawi stressed that the Palestinian issue is a pivotal issue for the Arab peoples, noting that the Israeli aggression against Gaza following the events of October 2024, XNUMX brought the issue back to the forefront, topping the headlines and coverage.

Al-Missawi considered that the initiative of Norway, Ireland and Spain on May 22, 2024 was a pivotal step to increase support, pointing out that the media is the successful tool for highlighting the suffering of the Palestinian people and publicizing their right to establish their state with Jerusalem as its capital.
He revealed that the Tunis Africa News Agency has been working since the beginning of the aggression on Gaza to cover all developments in the Palestinian arenas.

During his intervention, Al-Missawi urged the media to host officials and decision-makers from countries and organizations that support the Palestinian right, and to continue exposing the crimes of the occupation against the Palestinian people.
It is noteworthy that the forum issued a number of recommendations at the conclusion of its work, including eleven executive initiatives that enhance Islamic and international media support to defend the rights of the Palestinian people.
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