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The head of the “Awana” organization criticizes the bias of some Western media against the Palestinian cause

grandmother (UNA) - The head of the Asia-Pacific News Agencies Organization “Awana” Ali Naderi said that some Western media outlets have often exceeded professional controls and impartiality, and this has appeared on more than one occasion, producing and publishing false news about events in Palestine.

This came during his participation in the media forum: “Media and Palestinian Right: Practical steps to build on initiatives to recognize Palestine,” which was held via video conference on Sunday (June 9, 2024) and organized by the Union of News Agencies of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries.UNA), and the Assistant Secretariat for Institutional Communication of the Muslim World League, with the participation of news agencies in Islamic countries, international media unions, heads of international news agencies, and an elite group of diplomatic and intellectual figures.

Naderi pointed out during his intervention that the choice of titles, the way each paragraph begins, and the choice of words and terminology in some Western media outlets followed a systematic behavior to present the Palestinians as terrorists, irrational, and bloodthirsty.

Naderi emphasized that the choice of Western media terminology, which I prefer to call soft media warfare, becomes clearer when it comes to the issue of Palestine and the Israeli entity, as words that have the power of psychological and emotional impact on the news audience are chosen.

He considered that using an unknown language to describe the Palestinians, and a known language to describe the Israeli entity, is a deliberate choice by some Western media outlets that are trying to dehumanize the people of Gaza and give legitimacy to the Israeli entity.

Naderi urged the world's truth-seeking media to create an open political space to prosecute Israeli war crimes and create conditions for the legitimate defense of the Palestinian people.

It is noteworthy that the forum issued a number of recommendations at the conclusion of its work, including eleven executive initiatives that enhance Islamic and international media support to defend the rights of the Palestinian people.

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