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“Yona” participates in the international symposium in Tunisia on artificial intelligence and developing journalistic content for news agencies

grandmother (UNA) - The Federation of News Agencies of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation countries participated in the international symposium “The Role of Modern Technologies and Artificial Intelligence in Developing the Journalistic Contents of News Agencies,” which was held Thursday in Tunisia and organized by the Tunis Africa News Agency and the Association of Mediterranean News Agencies.

In a video intervention, the Director-General of the Federation, Mr. Muhammad bin Abd Rabbuh Al-Yami, explained that artificial intelligence plays an important role in the world today.

Al-Yami pointed out that artificial intelligence provides a great opportunity to develop journalistic work, which imposes a special type of challenges that we, as media unions, must deal with. Foremost among these challenges are the risks related to media misinformation and falsification, as artificial intelligence facilitates the process of falsifying content and disseminating it on a large scale.

He revealed that, out of the Union’s keenness to confront these risks, the Union organized a workshop in July 2023 in cooperation with the “Rubtly” agency, which dealt with applying the principles of verifying media content in news coverage, during which the participating media professionals learned about the necessary skills and the latest technologies used in content verification processes. Media, especially related to videos and photos.

Regarding the qualification of journalists to keep pace with developments in artificial intelligence, Al-Yami reviewed the Federation’s contributions, as a number of purposeful programs and workshops were held that intersect with the topic of this important symposium. Last April, the Federation, in cooperation with the “Sputnik” news agency, organized an intensive training course entitled “How to Change... Artificial Intelligence Video Production” benefited about 300 media professionals from member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

He added that during the “Kazan Forum 2024,” which was held in Kazan, Russia, during the period (May 14-19, 2024), the Union organized a workshop in cooperation with the “Tatmedia” and “Sputnik” agencies, entitled “New Tools for Newsrooms: Exploring the Benefits and Challenges of Artificial Intelligence Technologies.” “It examined the possibility of employing artificial intelligence tools to improve the performance of journalists and raise their productivity, by accelerating the processes of translation, research, analysis, content generation more accurately, and other professional processes.

Al-Yami also stressed that “UNA” is fully prepared to cooperate with media institutions in any collective effort regarding employing artificial intelligence in media work, based on the Union’s keenness to enhance international cooperation in various fields related to media.

The symposium witnessed interventions from the head of the Tunis Africa News Agency, Dr. Najeh El-Messaoui, the Secretary-General of the Association of Mediterranean News Agencies, George Panintax, the director of the Algeria News Agency, Samir Kayed, and the editor-in-chief of the Palestinian News and Information Agency (WAFA), Kholoud Assaf, in addition to a number of media leaders. International and officials.

The symposium examined the role of artificial intelligence in improving the performance of journalists and accelerating media production processes in news agencies.

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