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“Yona” increases the number of publishing languages ​​on its digital platforms to more than 50 languages

grandmother (UNA) - As part of its efforts to enhance its international media presence, the Union of News Agencies of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation countries added (UNA) added a number of languages ​​to its electronic platform, bringing the total number of languages ​​used on the platform to 51 languages.

The new languages ​​were added through neural machine translation technology supported by artificial intelligence.

The Acting Director General of the Union, Mohammed bin Abd Rabbuh Al-Yami, explained that increasing the number of publishing languages ​​on the digital platform comes within the Union’s efforts to enhance its communication with speakers of other languages, in a way that serves the Union’s goals in enhancing the media visibility of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and its bodies, and intensifying press coverage of prominent events in Islamic countries.

Al-Yami pointed out that the expansion in publishing languages ​​also comes with the aim of keeping pace with technical transformations in the media space, and employing artificial intelligence applications, especially in the field of translation, to improve media performance and spread the Union’s media message on a broader scale.

Al-Yami called on member news agencies to take advantage of the Union’s digital platform and provide them with media materials, in order to enhance news exchange between member states and raise the level of coverage of important events.

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