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With the participation of more than 200 media professionals, “Yona” and “Sputnik” organize a training course on artificial intelligence and video production.

grandmother (UNA) - Organized by the Union of News Agencies of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)UNA) today is Monday (April 22, 2024) Course Training Default title“How Artificial Intelligence Changed Video Production”، And that In cooperation with the Russian “Sputnik” news agencyWith the participation of more than 200 media professionals.

وAt the beginning of the session, explain The Director General of the Federation, His Excellency Mr. Mohammed bin Abd Rabbo Al-Yami The course aims to learn closely about the major developments brought about by artificial intelligence in the field of media production in general, and video production in particular.

He noted that the course It comes within the framework of the Union’s efforts to raise the capabilities of media professionals in member states, provide them with the necessary skills they need to keep pace with the rapid changes in the international media landscape, and enhance their competitiveness in this field.

revealed to my mother ,َّ The course represents the beginning of a group of courses that will be organized during the coming period in cooperation between “UNA” and “Sputnik” within the framework of the fruitful partnership between the two sides and to achieve their goals and vision with regard to training and qualification.

For his part, the Director of International Cooperation at Sputnik News Agency explained VasilyPushkov said that such joint activities demonstrate the possibility of working between Russia and the Islamic world in the field of media, and promoting open dialogue between the two sides in this field.

He pointed out that working with the Union of News Agencies of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation countries has proven to be beneficial for both sides. Noting the role of UNA in facilitating the establishment of such courses.

Then review Igor Arkhipov, head of the artificial intelligence project at Sputnik and radio presenterThe transformative impact of artificial intelligence in the field of media, especially in the field of video production and visual content in general.

Arkhipov discussed the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence to translate videos almost instantly, and the most important applications used in this aspect.

He also discussed the great potential of some artificial intelligence applications, such as: Chat GPT In writing and providing descriptions and texts for videos.

He touched on the risks associated with artificial intelligence, whether in terms of electronic hacks, or in terms of counterfeiting and propaganda campaigns, indicating that these risks existed before artificial intelligence. All there is is that they have become more efficient in light of the spread of artificial intelligence technologies.

The course participants learned about ways to use artificial intelligence and its applications to improve their media performance.

The session also witnessed a number of interventions on various issues related to artificial intelligence and its uses in the media.

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