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Palestine delegate to the United Nations: The UN Security Council will hold a closed session to discuss the Israeli aggression

New York (UNA) - The Permanent Representative of the State of Palestine to the United Nations, Riyad Mansour, confirmed that the UN Security Council will hold a closed session today, Friday, to discuss the Israeli escalation against our people, most recently in Jenin, referring to instructions from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on the need to intensify diplomatic work to put the international community before its responsibilities as a result of The dangerous Israeli escalation to which our people are exposed.
Mansour indicated, in an interview with the Voice of Palestine, that, according to the instructions of the President personally, a memorandum was prepared about the Israeli escalation, and contacts were made with the United Arab Emirates, the Arab representative in the Security Council, and the UAE made this request officially, on behalf of the Palestinian side, and supported it. Both China and France until the moment, as this aggression will be discussed during the session.
Mansour pointed to a meeting he held with the President of the Security Council this month, the Ambassador of Japan, and put him in the details of the barbaric and condemnable Israeli escalation, and stressed during the meeting the need for the Security Council to assume its responsibility in this regard, and to assume its responsibility to ensure the provision of international protection for our people, in line with international humanitarian law. and relevant United Nations resolutions.
In this context, the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates welcomed, in a statement, the holding of this session, stressing that the Israeli violations, including killing, land grabbing, settlement, demolition of Palestinian homes and facilities, targeting sanctities, and the occupation government's measures regarding the gradual and creeping annexation of the West Bank, constitute Threats on the conflict arena, and opportunities for implementing the principle of the two-state solution, reviving the peace process, and the security and stability of the region.
The Ministry called on the Security Council to assume its legal and moral responsibilities towards what our people are exposed to, calling on it to take the necessary decisions and measures to stop the aggression against our people, and to provide them with international protection.
It appreciated the role of the Presidency of the Security Council for this month, Japan and the United Arab Emirates, which submitted the request, as well as the role of China and France for their support for it.
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