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Mozambique's ambassador to Saudi Arabia reviews the "UNA" strategy

grandmother (UNA) - The Ambassador of the Republic of Mozambique to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its Permanent Representative to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Faisal Fakir Kassam, met today, Tuesday, with the Director-General of the Union of News Agencies of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Countries, in charge, Muhammad Abd Rabbo Al-Yami. During the meeting, which was held virtually, the activation of media and training work was discussed, and an explanation was given about the vision of the UNA Union in the coming years, which revolves around the role of the Union as a major media platform for member states and the advancement of the media industry, based on Islamic and media values ​​that encourage transparency, credibility and tolerance. . UNA's role in providing strategic media consultations to member states through representatives of official national news agencies was also reviewed, in addition to presenting a number of courses scheduled to be held during the coming period. For his part, the Ambassador of Mozambique appreciated the role of the Union in strengthening international media relations between member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and strengthening professional ties between workers in the media field, stressing his country’s keenness to provide the necessary support for the Union in order to carry out its role in the media and cultural field. (I finish)

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