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The media and cultural consul of Indonesia in Jeddah visits the "UNA" union

Jeddah (UNA) – The media and cultural consul of the Republic of Indonesia in Jeddah, Dr. Ahmed Bihaqi, visited today, Thursday, the Union of News Agencies of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (UNA) countries. The media and cultural consul listened to an explanation of the vision of the UNA Union during the coming years, presented by the Director-designate of UNA, Muhammad bin Abed Rabbo Al-Yami, which centered on the role of the Union as a major media platform for the member states, and the advancement of the media industry, based on Islamic and media values ​​that urge transparency, credibility and tolerance. Al-Yami reviewed the role of Youna in providing media strategic advice to member states through representatives of official national news agencies, in addition to presenting a number of courses to be held during the coming period that focus on media coverage of both sexes. At the end of the visit, the media and cultural consul, Ahmed Baihaqi, valued the Union's role in strengthening international media relations between the member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and in strengthening professional links between workers in the media field. He stressed that Indonesia attaches great importance to UNA within the framework of strengthening its relations with the member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Praising Yuna's role in providing news content about Indonesia in both Arabic and French. He stressed his country's keenness to provide the necessary support to the Union in order to play its role in the media and cultural field. (I finish)

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