Kuwaiti Information Minister: News agencies have succeeded in facing challenges through their adherence to objectivity

Kuwait (INA) - The Minister of Information and Minister of State for Youth Affairs in the State of Kuwait, Salman Al-Sabah, affirmed that the Gulf news agencies have become today spread in most countries of the world covering events first-hand and possessing objectivity, professionalism and human cadres, and pointed out that this is a reason for pride in their performance and coverage of local, regional and global events. all. Yesterday evening, at the XNUMXth meeting of officials of news agencies in the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, which is hosted by the Kuwaiti capital, he stated that news agencies, especially national ones, have witnessed during the past two decades strong competition on the part of satellite channels and electronic media, and there were fears of diminishing their role and diminishing influence, indicating that News agencies have succeeded in facing the challenges and were able to consolidate their position in the media field through their adherence to objectivity in presentation, credibility in proposition, commitment to responsibility in reporting facts, while ensuring impartiality without exaggeration or sensationalism. He stated that news agencies remained one of the most influential media means in rapprochement and communication between the peoples of the world and strengthening ties and relations between countries, in addition to their active and significant role in supporting decision-making and development processes within their societies. (I finish)

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