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Istanbul will host a smart city exhibition next month

Istanbul (INA) - From June 1-3, the Turkish city of Istanbul will host the Smart Cities Exhibition and Conference, which is known for projects aimed at making cities more livable, environmentally friendly, more creative, and more capable of dealing with problems. According to the organizers, the exhibition is an opportunity to meet with producers of projects related to smart cities, and those wishing to invest, and will allow cities and companies around the world to display their creative solutions related to smart cities. The conference accompanying the exhibition discusses topics of transportation, creativity, technology, energy, smart society, entrepreneurship - creating new economic activities - and economic development. The Istanbul Municipality will display its projects related to smart city management, with the possibility of concluding deals to export these projects to those interested. The Director of Cultural Services in the Istanbul Municipality, Nawzad Kotok, pointed out the importance of the exhibition, saying: The meeting of famous names and bodies in the field of smart cities, and local administration officials in the cities that apply this concept, in Istanbul, will provide strong support for this field. The exhibition is organized by the Cultural Services Department of the Istanbul Municipality, in cooperation with Fira Barcelona, ​​which specializes in organizing exhibitions. The mayors of more than 150 cities with a population of more than 100 people, a number of state leaders, and more than 80 city designers and experts in the field of smart cities will participate in the exhibition, and it is expected that 10 people will visit it. Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu is expected to attend the opening session. It is noteworthy that the exhibition was organized over the past six years, in the Spanish city of Barcelona. (End) ct/h p

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