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Opening of the first international exhibition for the non-profit sector and endowments in its first edition in Riyadh

Riyadh (UNA) - The activities of the International Exhibition (IENA) for the non-profit sector and endowments were launched today (Saturday) in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, under the slogan "Effective Partnerships... for the Goals of Sustainable Development", in strategic partnership with the National Center for the Development of the Non-Profit Sector, and sponsorship A strategy from the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing, and a major sponsorship of youth meetings from the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, which lasts for three days.
The exhibition came in its first edition as an international platform for the non-profit sector in the world under the slogan: “An effective partnership for the goals of sustainable development.” The exhibition witnessed wide participation, including more than 100 participants from local and international bodies, including government agencies, institutions, civil and professional associations, endowment and scientific bodies, and companies providing services. In the non-profit sector, and educational academies such as the Saudi Academy for Entertainment and Events, in addition
This led to the signing of many partnership agreements between various parties related to the sector.
For his part, Executive Vice President of the Growth Sector at the National Center for the Development of the Non-Profit Sector, Eng. Abdul Mohsen Al-Turki, said: We are pleased with the center with such forums that would grow and prosper in the sector, and these forums stem from a sense of responsibility towards the non-profit sector, and come as an awareness of those in charge It is aware of the importance of the sector and its developmental roles, as the center was established to carry out its tasks and achieve its role in the social and economic developments that would enable the sector to grow, while activating its role in achieving sustainable development.
In his speech during the opening of the exhibition, Dr. Ehab Abu Rukba, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Thalath International Company, welcomed the attendees at this international exhibition, which is held for the first time in the world and is concerned with the non-profit sector and endowments, indicating at the same time that the Kingdom has become a pioneer in the field of the non-profit sector on both locally and internationally, and has made remarkable progress on the path of economic and social development.
In addition, the participating entities were honored, as the National Center for the Development of the Non-Profit Sector was honored as a strategic partner, the strategic sponsor was the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing, the main sponsor of youth meetings at the Global Symposium for Muslim Youth, the supporting sponsor the Associations Support Fund, the supporting partner the Council of Non-Governmental Associations, and the supporting partner the Council Non-governmental organizations, and the co-sponsor, the Social Development Bank, in addition to Three International Company, the owner and organizer of the exhibition.
A number of participating international bodies, such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, honored the countries of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf.
After that, the dialogue sessions began, with the participation of the Secretary-General of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, Dr. Saleh bin Sulaiman Al-Wahaibi, who said: “Focusing on the issue of sustainable development achieves benefit from the resources we have, without harming those who will come after us, and that the non-profit sector is characterized as an unrestricted sector The diplomatic and political systems to which the actions of governments adhere.
During the session, Dr. Mamdouh Al-Hoshan, CEO of Prince Talal bin Abdulaziz Endowment, said: “The endowment is considered in the classification of investors, among the angelic investors who are keen on opportunities that create a social return for economic well-being and social investment.” While Khaled Khalifa, representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, mentioned The United Nations Refugee Agency of the Gulf Cooperation Council states: “There are 103 million people in the world, representing one percent of the world’s population, among refugees and displaced persons, and most of them live in poor countries.”

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