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During the “Message of Islam” conference, scholars of the Islamic world praise the role of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan in combating terrorism and promoting peace

Islamabad (UNA) - Scholars from the Islamic world praised the role of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan in combating terrorism and spreading the culture of peace, during the "Message of Islam" conference held on Monday (April 10, 2023) in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, under the title: "Saudi-Pakistani Relations". Joint efforts to serve Islam and Muslims and combat terrorism.

Dr. Abdullah Abdu Abdullah, a senior Kenyan scholar, praised Saudi Arabia’s relations with the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and its relations with all Arab and Islamic countries and with countries of the world, adding that the Kingdom “represents the beating heart of the nation, and Mecca is the kiss of Muslims, so it is natural for us to rejoice in the depth of the brotherly relations of Islamic countries with Its big sister is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which God Almighty distinguished and chose by making it the birthplace of our master Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, the country of the Two Holy Mosques, and the country of the revelation of the Qur’an.

He stressed that “it is not hidden from any person what the Kingdom is doing in terms of serving Islam and Muslims, in various countries of the world, as the rulers and leadership of the Kingdom feel from the era of the founder, King Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud, and until this prosperous era of King Salman bin Abdulaziz.” And his Crown Prince, Prince Muhammad bin Salman, with the great responsibilities entrusted to them, and therefore they have harnessed all their capabilities and provided everything that is precious and precious to serve Islam and facilitate and help Muslims.

For his part, Dr. Abd al-Latif Sajid, a specialist in hadith and its sciences and a lecturer at the Islamic University in Islamabad, said: “We welcome these blessed efforts and commend the organization of this conference in the Pakistani capital.”

He added that the conference has a great positive role in supporting and strengthening the brotherly relations that have existed for several decades, not only at the level of the two leaderships, governments and the two brotherly peoples, but also at the level of the Islamic nation.

From Kuwait, the imam and preacher of the mosque of the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, Dr. Hafez Muhammad Ishaq Zahid, said that holding such a conference during these blessed days is a very important request to support the efforts made to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

He pointed out that the relations between the two countries support the existing efforts to highlight and clarify the truth of our true religion, the religion of Islam, the religion of peace, and affirm that it is the religion of mercy, love, altruism, moderation and moderation, and not the religion of extremism, terrorism, militancy and other baseless accusations.

Professor Musa Ayagi, a university professor in Nigeria, confirmed that the Conference on the Message of Islam in its fifth session is taking place in extremely important and complex circumstances, and in fact it came at the right time, because Muslims today are in dire need of such an important conference because its topics, themes and contemporary title need to be studied and fertilized with ideas. Scholars to provide appropriate solutions, new ideas, and practical recommendations that contribute to strengthening the unity of the nation, enhancing the cohesion of its societies and peoples, and supporting efforts aimed at supporting peaceful solutions and exposing the dangers of violence, extremism, and terrorism.

Assistant Professor of the Department of Doctrine and Philosophy at the Faculty of Fundamentals of Religion at the International Islamic University in Islamabad, Dr. Sajida Muhammad Jamil Qureshi, welcomed the holding of such conferences due to their importance and role in strengthening brotherly relations between the Kingdom and Pakistan and in conveying the message of Islam, a message of security, peace and love to the world, and affirming that Islam is a religion of love. And reject hatred, extremism and hateful sectarianism under any name.

She added that through this conference, the importance of the role of scholars, preachers, and preachers of mosques is shown to promote peace, tolerance, consultation, and peaceful coexistence among the peoples of the world, and to warn against clashes, violence, deviation, and extremism that contradict the tolerance of Islam.

She stressed that such conferences play a major role in bringing together leaders, scholars, preachers, countries, international human rights organizations and institutions on a single platform that aims to spread the moderate moderate approach, promote peace, and prepare an integrated educational media plan to combat misguided and deviant ideas, confront extremist currents and groups, and protect the nation's youth from terrorism and extremism.

For his part, Dr. Abu Bakr Muhammad Thani, Dean of the College of Education in the state of Jiggao and the imam and preacher of the state, said that he who is ignorant of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and what it was founded on is the one who is surprised by its firm stances and wise policy that was built on solid foundations controlled by sophistication, after consideration, deliberation and deliberation with firmness and love of peace for the whole world. .

He added that the policy that is in this state must produce stable relations and not be shaken by the gusts of wind, and there is no doubt that the Message of Islam Conference succeeded before it began because its title was “Saudi-Pakistani Relations: Joint Efforts to Serve Islam and Muslims and Combat Terrorism” and this title speaks for itself and is conclusive evidence of What has been entrenched in the foundations of Saudi politics and its keenness to build bridges of communication, coordination and fruitful cooperation with brotherly countries to strengthen partnerships to achieve world peace and combat destructive partisan ideas produced by extremism and extremism.

Professor Suleiman Al-Abi Youssef, a professor of Arabic at the University of Abuj, Nigeria, said that the Saudi-Pakistani relations strengthen the nation’s status, support peace efforts, and combat extremism, terrorism, and those who belong to this deviant ideology.

He added: From this point of view, we hope that this conference will achieve the aspired great success, given the great need of the whole world for “peace”, which is a pillar of the conference axes and represents the backbone of life because without peace there will be no security and vice versa.

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