United Nations: The indiscriminate Israeli bombing may amount to crimes against humanity

Geneva (UNA/WAFA) - The United Nations expressed, yesterday, Wednesday, “serious concerns” about the Israeli occupation army’s respect for the laws of war, in an investigation that included six “major” bombing operations in the Gaza Strip last year, which resulted in the death of at least 218 citizens.

“The rule for choosing methods and means of warfare that avoid or at least minimize harm to civilians appears to have been consistently violated in Israel’s bombing campaign,” UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Türk said.

On Wednesday, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights issued an assessment of six attacks carried out by the Israeli occupation army last year in Gaza, “resulting in a large number of civilian deaths and widespread destruction of civilian facilities, which raises serious concerns regarding respect for the laws of war, including the principles of distinction and proportionality.” And reserve during the attack.”

The report details six attacks in which Israel is estimated to have used GBU-31 (one-ton), GBU-32 (half-ton) and GBU-39 (125-kg) guided bombs “in the period from October 9 to December 2.” December 2023 and targeted residential buildings, a school, refugee camps and a market.”

The report stated that the Commission “verified that 218 people were killed in these six attacks, and announced that the information received indicates that the death toll may be much higher.”

The United Nations stressed that such attacks, when committed as part of a widespread and systematic attack against civilians, “may amount to crimes against humanity.”

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