United Nations: 39 million tons of rubble left behind by Israel's attacks on Gaza

New York (UNA/WAFA) - The United Nations Environment Program said “UNEP“The Israeli attacks on residential areas in the Gaza Strip since last October 7 have left 39 million tons of rubble.

This came in a report published by the program on Tuesday, regarding the environmental impact of the Israeli attacks on Gaza.

The program noted that it prepared the report remotely through information it obtained from United Nations activities on the ground, due to the security situation and access obstacles in the region.

He stressed that the environmental impacts of the war on Gaza have reached unprecedented levels, noting that the people of the Strip face the dangers of soil, water and air pollution.

The report called for an immediate ceasefire in order to protect lives and reduce the impact on the environment.

He stated that the Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip since October 7 left 39 million tons of rubble, equivalent to 107 kilograms of rubble per square meter in Gaza.

He pointed out that almost all water, sanitation and hygiene systems have collapsed in Gaza, warning that sewage has begun to mix with seas, soil, drinking water and even food.

He explained that ammunition and explosive chemicals in densely populated areas in Gaza led to contamination of soil and water resources, and that the risk of heavy metal leakage as a result of damage to solar panels is great.

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