High Commissioner for Human Rights: The situation in the West Bank is deteriorating significantly

Geneva (UNI/WAFA) - United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, warned on Tuesday that the situation in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, is “dramatically deteriorating.”

He added, according to Reuters, that there is “death and suffering that cannot be accepted by conscience” in Gaza.

He noted that as of June 15, 528 Palestinians, including 133 children, had been killed by Israeli security forces or settlers since October, and said some cases raised “serious concerns about unlawful killings.”

Turk's statements came during the fifty-sixth session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, which began in Geneva today and continues until next July 12.

In his opening speech, Türk said that the number of civilian deaths in armed conflicts had risen to 72%, expressing his concern that the warring parties had exceeded the limits of international law on many fronts, as the percentage of women victims in conflicts had doubled in 2023, while it had increased. The rate of child murder has tripled.

He pointed out that the situation in Gaza led to the death and injury of more than 120 people, the forced displacement of nearly a million Palestinians, and the prevention of humanitarian aid access, in addition to the continuous raids on Gaza that cause enormous suffering and widespread destruction.

He touched on the deteriorating conditions in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, where more than 528 Palestinians, including 133 children, were killed in unlawful killings, in addition to the arbitrary deprivation of aid and the arrest of thousands of Palestinians.

He called for respecting the binding decisions issued by the International Court of Justice, ending the occupation, achieving the two-state solution, and holding accountable for the violations committed.

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