The occupation continues its aggression against Jenin, besieging its camp, bulldozing streets and destroying Palestinian property

Jenin (UNA/WAFA) - The Israeli occupation forces have continued their aggression against the city of Jenin and its camp since dawn on Thursday, carrying out sweeping of streets and sabotaging and destroying citizens’ property.

A Palestinian correspondent stated that the occupation army declared the Jenin camp a closed military zone, attacked medical teams and ambulances, and prevented citizens from entering or leaving it, while raiding a number of homes and destroying citizens’ vehicles, fruit and vegetable stands, and house fences.

He explained that the occupation carried out extensive bulldozing works in Nazareth and Haifa Streets, and in the vicinity of the Agency School in the camp, and the Jabriyat and Al-Zahraa neighborhoods, and the Al-Jalbouni roundabout, and Wadi Burqin, and the vegetable market on Abu Bakr Street, which led to a power outage in several neighborhoods, and it also destroyed the Martyrs’ Monument. They raided the Turkish mosque in Jabriyat.

The occupation forces bombed a motorcycle in the Jabriyat neighborhood from a drone, and shot a young man directly before arresting him. They arrested the two young men, Amir Muhammad Abu Hijab and Ahmed Ataba, in Jabal Abu Dhayr, and arrested the citizen, Ibtisam Saleh Turkman, to pressure her son, Mustafa Turkman, to surrender himself to the occupation.

Deputy Director of Jenin Governmental Hospital, Mustafa Hamarsheh, told “Wafa” that the occupation army is implementing a strict siege on the entrances to the camp, which has prevented anyone from entering and exiting the hospital, as well as limiting the movement of ambulances..

The occupation forces arrested the young man, Adam Mutee Al-Saadi, after raiding his house in the Jenin camp

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