The Lebanese Foreign Ministry condemns the occupation massacre in Rafah and calls on the international community to oblige Israel to comply with international legitimacy

Beirut (UNA/NNA) - The Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates condemned in a statement, “the Israeli occupation’s continued massacres against defenseless civilians in the Gaza Strip, the latest of which was the deliberate targeting of the tents of displaced Palestinians near the headquarters of the UNRWA agency, northwest of the Palestinian city of Rafah, and... Dozens of martyrs and wounded were killed, in blatant defiance of the recent decision of the International Court of Justice regarding Israel’s demand to stop its military operations in Rafah.”.

It considered that “these attacks constitute a clear and serious violation of international laws and relevant international legitimacy resolutions, and a war crime and genocide, and would hinder efforts to reach an immediate and permanent ceasefire agreement, multiply the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and threaten to expand the scope of the conflict.” And it ignited in the area.”.

She called on the international community to “move immediately and effectively to exert maximum pressure on Israel to force it to comply with the relevant resolutions of international legitimacy and international humanitarian law, and to implement the decisions issued by the International Court of Justice, in order to put an end to this humanitarian catastrophe.”.

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