The occupation storms Al Awda Hospital in Jabalia and forces medical teams to leave

Jabalia (UNA/WAFA) - Today, Thursday, the Israeli occupation forces stormed Al Awda Hospital in Jabalia and forced the medical teams to leave it, after a four-day siege.

Medical sources reported that the occupation forces stormed the hospital and forced the medical teams to leave it towards western Gaza City, after arresting one of them.".

The same sources added: “There remain 14 employees in the hospital, accompanied by 11 injured people and companions, who refused to evacuate unless ambulances were present to evacuate the wounded.”".

Since last Sunday, the occupation artillery has bombed Al Awda Hospital with several shells, before besieging it and preventing Palestinian citizens and medical teams from entering or leaving it, causing difficulty in providing treatment services to the injured and sick.

Press sources reported that the occupation army re-levelled its surroundings.

On May 11, the occupation forces announced the start of a massive attack on the city of Jabalia and its camp in the northern Gaza Strip, after asking residents to evacuate the area and head towards the west of Gaza City..

Since the beginning of the aggression, the occupation has deliberately disrupted the health system, by targeting hospitals in the Gaza Strip, including Al-Awda Hospital in the north, through direct threats of closure, and then targeting it with direct bombardment, destroying housing departments, operating rooms, the solar energy system, water and diesel stores, drug and medical gas warehouses, transport vehicles and ambulances. And its medical supplies.

Al Awda Hospital is considered the only hospital that provides orthopedic, gynecological, and obstetrics services in the northern Gaza Strip, in addition to general surgery, reception, emergency, specialized clinics, radiology, and the laboratory..

On November 21, 3 doctors were martyred as a result of direct shelling, and 50% of the hospital’s capacity was taken out of service. On December 5, the occupation besieged the hospital for 18 days, and 3 workers were martyred, and 12 medical staff were injured. And volunteers, and the hospital director, Dr. Ahmed Muhanna, and 3 medical staff were arrested.

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