The Palestinian Prime Minister warns of the danger of the Israeli escalation in the West Bank and plans to target the Palestinian people and their leadership

Ramallah (UNA/WAFA) - The Palestinian Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Muhammad Mustafa, warned of the danger of the Israeli military escalation and the attacks of the colonialists in the West Bank, and the plans of the Israeli occupation government to impose sanctions on the Palestinian people, their leadership and institutions, which will lead to an explosion of the situation and will have repercussions on the region. The whole.

This came during his meeting with more than 50 members of the diplomatic corps accredited to the State of Palestine, and representatives of international organizations and institutions, in his office in the city of Ramallah, today, Wednesday, where he presented them with the escalation of the occupation in the West Bank, and the continuation of the war of extermination against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip..

Mustafa said: “The patience of our people is running out. What happened in the Gaza Strip is being gradually implemented by Israel in the West Bank, due to the escalation of attacks by the occupation and its colonialists, and everyone must act now before we reach the point of no return.”

The Prime Minister appreciated the recognition of the State of Palestine by Spain, Norway and Ireland, bringing the number of recognizing countries to 147, calling on the countries that have not recognized to speed up this and support the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination and establish their independent state, in accordance with international legitimacy resolutions..

The Prime Minister briefed the audience on what the government has accomplished in terms of administrative and institutional reform plans, and its plans for relief, providing basic services in the Gaza Strip, and achieving economic stability, stressing the importance of coordination and cooperation with all international partners..

Mustafa touched on the difficult financial situation as a result of the continued occupation aggression, deductions from and withholding of clearing funds, which limits the government’s ability to fulfill its obligations towards the Palestinian people.

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