Spain recognizes the Palestinian state

Madrid (UNI/WAFA) - Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced on Wednesday the recognition of the State of Palestine..

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said during a press conference in front of Parliament in Madrid, “After the agreement, we will recognize the Palestinian state, after a whole series of developments in the recent period.”".

He stressed that his country's declaration of a foreign policy that respects international law in Palestine, and Spain's vote in the United Nations for full membership of the State of Palestine were to support this decision..

Sanchez continued: “We say to the innocent Palestinians that we are with them, despite the destruction and siege, the State of Palestine will remain in our hearts.”

He explained that the State of Palestine was recognized for the sake of peace, justice and harmony in the Palestinian-Spanish positions, because there is only one solution to the conflict, which is the two-state solution, and this solution is necessary to reach an agreement..

He added that recognition of the Palestinian state is important to give impetus and support to the Palestinian Authority and the course of reforms in the new government.

The Spanish Prime Minister stressed that for the sake of justice, the desire of the international community to liberate the Palestinian territories must be fulfilled, noting that his country’s recognition will represent a cornerstone for the return to dignity..

He stated that this recognition will contribute to inspiring another European country to recognize the State of Palestine, and there are other European countries that will accompany us in recognizing the Palestinian State in the coming days. Recognition is the first step and we will continue to support the Palestinian State with all our strength..

He said that the recognition decision is the right thing to make the Mediterranean coast safe.

Sanchez indicated that Spain will embrace 30 children suffering from diseases in its hospitals.

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