Norway recognizes the State of Palestine

Oslo (UNI/WAFA) - Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Sture announced on Wednesday that his country will be known as the State of Palestine as of May 28..

It is expected that other European countries will take a similar decision, as Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is scheduled to announce before noon today the date of recognition of the State of Palestine, while the Irish government called for a press conference at 7:00 GMT (10:00 Jerusalem time) to reveal the same decision, according to the media. Local.

Under the recognition, Norway will consider Palestine to be an independent state with the corresponding rights and duties, and all relations with Palestine will be centered on the basic rules of international law regarding independence, equality and peaceful coexistence..

The recognition of the State of Palestine is part of the follow-up to a resolution issued in 2023 in the Norwegian Parliament stipulating that the government may choose to recognize Palestine as a state at a time when the resolution may be of value to the peace process and without any conditions related to the final peace agreement..

The decision to recognize Palestine as a state is considered extremely important and requires, under Article 28 of the Constitution, the approval of the King in the Council of State. After the adoption of a royal decree on Friday, May 24, Palestine will be officially informed of the recognition through a verbal note. Norway’s official recognition of Palestine as a state will enter into force. On Tuesday, May 28th.

Norway became the tenth country in the European Union to recognize the State of Palestine.

For her part, the Ambassador of the State of Palestine to Norway, Marie Antoinette Seiden, welcomed Norway’s recognition of the State of Palestine, noting that this recognition would lead to collective recognition by most of the European countries.

He pointed out that there are several European countries that previously recognized the State of Palestine, expressing their hope that Germany, France and other countries will recognize it, paving the way for full recognition by the European Union.

Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia recognized the State of Palestine in 1988, before it joined the European Union, and Sweden recognized the State of Palestine in 2014.

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