Ireland recognizes the State of Palestine

Dublin (UNI/WAFA) - Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris announced on Wednesday the recognition of the State of Palestine.

Harris said: “Ireland, Norway and Spain announce their recognition of the State of Palestine,” adding that it is a historic and important day for Ireland and Palestine.

Ireland was the first European Union member state to recognize the Palestine Liberation Organization in 1980.

In the deliberations on Gaza before and during the last Union summit in Brussels, at the end of last October, the Irish pressed for the adoption of a final declaration that included a call for a ceasefire, and at the United Nations, Ireland was one of the countries that voted in favor of a ceasefire resolution in Gaza..

These official positions advanced by Dublin express the deep historical identification at the popular level in Ireland with the Palestinian struggle, and the close relations of militant solidarity during the period of the Palestinian revolution between the leftist guerrilla organizations and the “Irish Republican Army.”.

Almost a mural in the neighborhoods of Belfast is devoid of drawings linking the resistance of the Palestinian and Irish peoples, while it seems common to see Palestinian flags side by side with Irish flags everywhere, even on municipal buildings sometimes throughout the republic, and in the huge weekly popular marches in support of the Palestinians. Which the Irish capital and other cities are witnessing, especially since the start of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.

This spirit has always been reflected in the positions of the country's ruling elites, as successive Irish governments opposed the systematic annexation of Palestinian lands and condemned the oppression to which the Palestinians are subjected. Dublin received the late martyr President Yasser Arafat on several occasions in the 1999s, to hold discussions on ways of cooperation to dissuade Israel from its intransigence regarding the two-state solution. In XNUMX, Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern surprised the world when he visited Gaza and held discussions with representatives of the PLO..

In 2014, a government proposal was voted on to officially recognize Palestine and establish diplomatic relations with the Palestinian Authority. In 2018, the House of Representatives passed a bill prohibiting the import of all goods and services originating in the colonies under penalty of fine or imprisonment. In 2021, a proposal was passed by the Irish nationalist party (Sinn Féin) condemning the actual annexation practiced by Israel of the Palestinian territories, after it received the support of all parties represented in Parliament, and in May of this year, the government announced that it would support a draft law submitted by (Sinn Féin). FIN) to force government investment funds to sell their holdings in any companies active in the Palestinian territories, according to lists issued by the United Nations..

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