The Palestinian Prime Minister discusses with the Swedish Foreign Minister relief efforts in Gaza and stopping the occupation’s attacks

Ramallah (UNI/WAFA) - The Palestinian Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Muhammad Mustafa, received today, Sunday, in his office in Ramallah, the Swedish Foreign Minister, Tobias Billstrom, and discussed with him the latest developments in Palestine, the strengthening of relief and humanitarian efforts in the Gaza Strip, and the army’s attacks. The occupation, terrorism, and violence of the colonizers in the West Bank.

The Prime Minister stressed the priority of stopping the aggression against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, strengthening relief and humanitarian efforts, restoring basic services in the Strip, and stopping the attacks of the occupation army and the terrorism and violence of the colonists in the West Bank..

Mustafa pointed out that settlement and the terrorism of the colonizers constitute an obstacle to peace and achieving the two-state solution, and that the day after the Gaza Strip is the reunification of the two parts of the homeland and the unity of institutions under the independent Palestinian state..

He called for the need to support the government’s budget, reviewing the difficult economic and financial conditions as a result of the occupation’s continued aggression against the Palestinian people, and Israel’s continued deduction from clearance funds and their detention, which threatens the government’s ability to fulfill its obligations..

The Prime Minister reviewed the government’s agenda for reform and institutional development, the items that have been implemented and are being worked on, and various reform plans at the medium and long-term levels..

The Prime Minister also appreciated Sweden's continued support for Palestine and its firm stance in support of the two-state solution and its courageous recognition of the State of Palestine, calling in this context on the countries that did not recognize the State of Palestine to quickly and recognize it in support of the two-state solution and preserve it..

For his part, the Swedish Foreign Minister expressed his country's support for ceasefire efforts in the Gaza Strip, condemning settlement activity as a violation of international law, imposing sanctions on colonialist terrorism, and supporting efforts to achieve peace and stability in the region as a whole..

It is noteworthy that Sweden has provided approximately 35 million euros in relief and humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip since last October, and will provide an additional 10 million euros to provide relief to our people in Gaza..

The meeting was attended by Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Farsin Aghabekian Shaheen, Palestinian Ambassador to Sweden Rula Al-Muhaisen, and Swedish Consul General Julius Lilstrom..

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