Algeria: We will come back stronger, with the support of the General Assembly, for Palestine’s full membership in the United Nations

New York (Jona) - confirmed actor Algeria the permanent I have Nations united, The ambassador Ammar The son of Mosque, evening yesterday Thursday In New York, we We will come back more powerful And with support of Association the public of Yes Membership complete For a country Palestine With nations United Nations.

وHe said The son of Mosque in Flame after Veto American on The project The Algerian For a decision board Security Which recommend With acceptance membership Palestine in Nations United Nations"We will come back more powerful And more Vocally supported of legitimacy Association the public And support Wider of members Nations United Nations, then this not but a step Other in the trip Toward Membership complete for Palestine".

وCall The ambassador The son of Mosque "Those Whose did not they can of Support Accept nation Palestine Today, , They do that in time coming“, Considering "Support crushing to apply nation Palestine He sends By message Clear clarity the sun That nation Palestine deserve its place the correct between members Nations United Nations".

وrepeat The son of Mosque By the way, Reminder what He said it President Republic, Slave Glorious Tebboune, That "efforts Algeria will not stop until become nation Palestine member Full Membership in Nations United Nations".

و He expressed The diplomat The Algerian in His word, , His gratitude "the deep" Basim the group Arabic and organization Conference Islamic And movement Non Bias To all Whose Vote Favor the decision Which Made it Algeria.

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