On the 195th day of the aggression: intense artillery shelling on the southern areas of Gaza City

Gaza (UNA/WAFA) - At dawn on Thursday, occupation artillery bombarded the southern, southwestern and eastern areas of Gaza City, on the 195th day of the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip..

Local sources reported that occupation artillery launched intense bombardment on the southern, southwestern, and eastern areas of Gaza City, specifically the areas of Sheikh Ajlin, Tal Al-Hawa, and Al-Zaytoun, which led to the injury of a number of citizens.

He added that the occupation warplanes bombed homes in Tal al-Hawa and the Beach camp in Gaza City.

Civil defense crews recovered the bodies of dozens of martyrs after the occupation forces withdrew from northern Nuseirat in the central Gaza Strip, while many martyrs are still under rubble and rubble and have not yet been brought out..

Civil Defense and Rescue crews also recovered the bodies of 11 martyrs from various areas in the city of Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip..

The occupation warplanes bombed a house for the Shaat family in the Yabna camp in the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip..

Crews recovered the bodies of 8 martyrs from the displaced Ayyad family, including 5 children and XNUMX women, after the occupation warplanes bombed a room on agricultural land in the Al-Salam neighborhood, south of the city of Rafah.

In an infinite toll, the number of martyrs as a result of the ongoing aggression on the Gaza Strip for the 195th day rose to more than 33,899, and injuries to 76,664, and a number of victims are still under the rubble and on the roads, and ambulance and civil defense crews are unable to reach them.

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