Gaza.. Israeli bombing targets displaced people who tried to return to their homes in the north

Gaza (UNA/Anatolia) - On Sunday, hundreds of displaced Palestinians were subjected to Israeli artillery shelling while trying to return to their homes in the northern Gaza Strip, to which the Israeli army insists on preventing residents from returning.

Anadolu correspondent reported that Israeli artillery shelling targeted hundreds of displaced Palestinians during their attempts to return to the northern Gaza Strip, without initial reports of injuries.

Earlier on Sunday, Israeli army spokesman Avichai Adraee said in a statement, “Reports about Israeli army forces allowing the return of Palestinian residents to the northern Gaza Strip area are false and completely baseless rumors.”

He added, “The Israeli army does not allow the return of residents, neither through Salah al-Din (east) nor through Al-Rashid Street (west).”

In turn, the Anadolu correspondent, quoting eyewitnesses, reported that hundreds of Palestinians are trying to return to northern Gaza via the Wadi Gaza Bridge on Al-Rashid Street, and very few of them, all of them women and children, succeeded in reaching the northern Gaza Strip.

In the truce negotiations, Hamas insists on the return of the displaced to the northern Gaza Strip, a basic condition among other conditions for concluding a prisoner exchange deal with Israel, leading to a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

Since last October 7, Israel has been waging a devastating war on Gaza, leaving more than 100 dead and wounded, most of them children and women, and massive destruction and famine that claimed the lives of children and the elderly, according to Palestinian and UN data.

Israel continues the war despite the issuance of an immediate ceasefire resolution by the Security Council, as well as despite its first appearance before the International Court of Justice on charges of committing “genocide.”

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