Doctors Around the World emphasizes the catastrophic humanitarian and health situation in the Gaza Strip

Rafah (UNA/QNA) - Louise Pichet, head of the Middle East department at Doctors Around the World, confirmed that the humanitarian and health situation in the Gaza Strip is extremely complex, describing it as catastrophic and horrific.

In statements following her return from a mission in the Gaza Strip, Pichet said that the collaborators with the non-governmental organization in Gaza (numbering about twenty people) “are psychologically traumatized after more than five months of war,” adding that they “need to look at what they went through.” During the past few months, they are all carrying painful events in their heads, and they do not even have time to comprehend what happened.”

She noted that, on November 5, the MSF team lost one of their colleagues who was killed in an Israeli bombing of the building where he lived, pointing out that the team collectively promises that as soon as access to the northern Gaza Strip becomes available, it will remove the rubble of its building so that he can be buried with dignity. Without that, he will not be able to live the mourning period.”

She stated that the medical team was “working on sand or on clay with four wooden stakes, plastic cover and cardboard to erect walls,” adding, “These are the conditions in which they work every day... There is simply no computer, so collecting data is complicated... No medications.” Insufficient equipment and no necessary equipment to conduct examinations... What can be said about the level of equipment and working conditions, the matter is more than complicated, with the bombing continuing constantly.”

The head of the Middle East Department at Doctors Around the World called for the need to provide protection for the international medical team, provide them with the opportunity to access humanitarian aid, including water and food, as well as the rest of the population, and ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid, especially medicines and medical supplies.

It is noteworthy that Doctors Around the World had denounced, in a statement dated February 12, the Israeli occupation army’s deliberate destruction of its offices in the Gaza Strip.


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