UN experts call for stopping arms exports to the Israeli entity

New York (UNA/QNA) - More than 30 independent UN experts considered the transfer of weapons or ammunition to the Israeli entity and their use in Gaza a violation of international humanitarian law, calling for the need to stop them immediately.

The experts stated, in a statement published on the United Nations website, that “such transfer of weapons and ammunition is prohibited even if the exporting country does not intend to use the weapons in violation of the law or knows with certainty that they will be used in such a way as long as there is a clear danger to that,” stressing that it must All states must ensure respect for international humanitarian law by parties to armed conflict under the 1949 Geneva Conventions and customary international law, and refrain from transferring any weapons, ammunition or spare parts if they are expected to be used in violation of international law.

They welcomed the suspension of Belgium, Italy, Spain, and the Japanese company Itochu on transferring weapons to the Israeli entity, calling on the rest of the exporting countries to immediately stop transferring weapons to the occupation, including export licenses and military aid.

They explained that the need to impose an arms embargo on the Israeli entity was reinforced by the ruling issued by the International Court of Justice on January 26 regarding the existence of a reasonable risk of genocide in Gaza, and the serious harm that has continued to befall civilians since that time.

Numerous intelligence reports revealed that many Western capitals provided the Israeli entity with weapons and ammunition for use in the war on Gaza, amid demands to stop this military support due to its role in practicing genocide against the residents of the Gaza Strip.

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