“International Justice” continues hearings on the legal consequences arising from the occupation

The Hague (UNI/WAFA) - For the fifth day in a row, the International Court of Justice in The Hague continues its public hearings on the legal consequences arising from Israel’s policies and practices in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem.

The hearings come in the context of the United Nations General Assembly’s request to obtain an advisory opinion from International Justice on the effects of the Israeli occupation that has continued for more than 57 years.

Representative of Namibia: No one calling for peace can ignore the massacre in Gaza

The representative of the State of Namibia said that no one calling for peace can ignore the massacre taking place in the Gaza Strip, and that the United Nations conventions must be applied to everyone..

She added that the policies of racial segregation and discrimination are a crime against all of humanity, and that Namibia, whose people have suffered, is a country that understands the pain resulting from occupation, discrimination and its consequences..

She pointed out that it is her country's moral duty and sacred responsibilities to stand before the court in order to discuss the issue of the occupation of Palestine, which is still suffering and has become a painful landmark in this civilization..

She stressed that “the people of Palestine suffer from colonialism, killing, displacement, denial of the right of refugees, and the absence of the right to citizenship and equality, which prompts us to remember the history of Namibia, and that the court played a role in the struggle of Namibia and South Africa for liberation, and affirmed the right to self-determination as a fateful and legitimate right for the countries of the world, and that right Which was confirmed by the United Nations in the 1990s, and it is not possible to look in any other way in the face of the atrocities committed against the Palestinian people.. "

She called “not to ignore what is happening in Palestine, the historical injustice, the violation of basic rights, and the displacement of citizens,” pointing out that “the Palestinian people are being subjected to collective punishment, and civilians are being killed randomly under unprecedented bombing in human history.”.

She stressed that “the whole world cannot accept this. How can this nation accept and see pictures of Gaza’s children suffering death, misery, despair, lack of hope, and fear.”

The representative of Namibia invited a law professor from Namibia, who testified about the practices and policies of the occupation.

The professor asked the court to issue its advisory opinion, and that Namibia confirms, like the majority of countries in the world, that the court has jurisdiction and jurisdiction, and there is no one preventing that..

She touched on the right of the Palestinians to independence, and that the continuation of the occupation does not justify Israel’s neglect of its international obligations, stressing the importance of clarifying the system of domination and control that Israel is trying to impose, and what is meant according to the charters is to continue to control the land of others, violate human rights, and carry out organized and systematic actions in random ways. To achieve that control.

She said, “Israel announced that it wants only Jewish identity in Palestine, at the expense of the Palestinians, and issued a law for that. There is evidence that these practices do not come randomly, but rather to control the Palestinian people.”

She called for the importance of ending the Israeli occupation, compensating the Palestinian people for their suffering under occupation for more than 5 decades, dismantling the Israeli apartheid system in Palestine, recognizing the full rights of the Palestinians, and establishing their viable state..

It also urged the countries of the world to recognize the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination and enjoy its independence, to accept the request of the United Nations, to recognize its Charter in all its provisions, and to stop supporting Israel, or providing political support to it to enhance its occupation of Palestinian land.

She pointed out that “there are those who demand the return of negotiations, but Israel opposes any opportunity to establish a Palestinian state, continues with unnatural violations, and has no right to be above the law.”.

Representative of the Sultanate of Oman: 75 years of occupation and the international community has failed to help the Palestinians achieve their ambitions

The representative of the Sultanate of Oman said that more than 75 years have passed and the Palestinian people have been under Israeli occupation and face injustice, lack of justice and massacres committed against them, while the international community and global organizations have failed to help them achieve their ambitions and their independent state..

He added that for more than 4 months, the world has witnessed the worst atrocities and forms of genocide, in which more than 29 Palestinians were killed, more than 60 were wounded, and about two million citizens were displaced from one place to another under unbearable conditions, in violation of all international standards..

He pointed out that “this long occupation of the Palestinian land in 1967, including Jerusalem, aims to change the demographic and geographic nature of Palestine, and adopt racist legislation and procedures, which are policies and practices that affect the legal status of the occupation.”

He continued: The occupation, building colonies, and stealing Palestinian lands would prolong the occupation in the Palestinian land, while Israel displaces the Palestinians and imposes on them a harsh displacement system and environment, seizes their lands, and practices random arrest and violence against them since 1967..

He stressed that the United Nations, its General Assembly, and its Security and Human Rights Councils, have consistently and repeatedly condemned Israeli attempts at demographic change in the occupied Palestinian territories. Therefore, the international community is responsible to prevent and stop the illegal annexation of Palestinian territories, and to prohibit the use of force in any form..

He continued: “For 75 years of occupation, colonies have been established, while preventing the establishment of a viable Palestinian state. This is an insult to the international community, which must find and consider the legal responsibilities imposed on the Israeli government, including stopping all illegal measures, dismantling the colonies, and compensating the Palestinians for the damages.”. "

The representative of the Sultanate of Oman called on member states and parties to protect Palestinian civilians and force Israel to comply with the law, noting that the legal consequences arising from Israeli measures aim to deprive the Palestinian people of self-determination..

He concluded his speech by emphasizing that the occupation and colonial policy are illegal, illegitimate, and a clear violation of human rights, and that the court must force Israel to end this illegal situation, and the countries of the world must support these efforts without conditions.

Norway: The actions taken by Israel are unacceptable and unilateral

The representative of the State of Norway said that the ongoing occupation since 1967 and the recent developments taking place today raise great concern, as Israel uses force in the Gaza Strip, continues to build illegal colonies in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, demolishes homes, and displaces Palestinian citizens, All of these measures are contrary to and violate international law and human rights law, affirming the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination.

He explained that building colonies and the apartheid wall is a real obstacle to achieving peace, as the Security Council has issued numerous resolutions that have confirmed that they violate international law, and continuing to do so would hinder any possibility of a two-state solution, stressing that what Israel is doing threatens the foundations of international law. And the possibilities of achieving a two-state solution.

He pointed out that these colonies constitute an incitement process to commit more acts that violate international law, and Israel must refrain from carrying out these actions that would impose a fait accompli..

He pointed out that any occupation of any country must be temporary and within a specific time frame, and in the Palestinian case, Israel is practicing an illegal annexation of the Palestinian territories, and is transferring its population to the occupied territories in contravention of the resolutions of the Security Council and the United Nations General Assembly, and in the year 2022 it was stated in a commission of inquiry The facts are that Israel treats its occupation as permanent, and hides behind the concept of temporary occupation.

He said that the measures taken by Israel are unacceptable and unilateral, and that the annexation of territories is unacceptable and illegal, and is in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention and Security Council Resolution No. 2334, which considered all colonial actions and activities to be unacceptable and illegal..

He stressed that Israel must commit to ensuring the delivery of aid to the Palestinians, and not to restrict the movement of humanitarian crews.

Another representative from Norway completed the plea, about the legal obligations that Israel has regarding implementing the principle of the two-state solution, stressing that Security Council Resolution No. 465 indicated that the measures taken by Israel to change the form or condition of the Arab territories occupied since 1967 are considered invalid under the law..

He continued: We are reminded of the legal and political duties that fall on Israel, which are linked to the establishment of a Palestinian state, but the extended measures and operations that occur in the Gaza Strip contradict the duties and obligations that Israel has undertaken..

On the first day of the public sessions, the court heard the plea of ​​the State of Palestine, presented by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Riyad Al-Maliki, and the legal team of the State of Palestine, which included: Professor Andre Zimmerman, Faul Rackler, Professor Philip Sander, international law expert Ambassador Namira Negm, and a representative. Permanent Palestine at the United Nations, Riyad Mansour, and Alain Pellet.

The public sessions will continue for six days, between February 19 and 26, to listen to briefings from 52 countries, in addition to the African Union, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and the League of Arab States..

On November 2022, XNUMX, the Fourth Committee of the United Nations General Assembly, which is the Special Committee on Political Issues and Decolonization, adopted a draft resolution submitted by the State of Palestine to request a legal advisory opinion and advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice, on the nature of the existence of the Israeli colonial occupation. In the territory of the State of Palestine, including Jerusalem.

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