Assaf informs the Secretary-General of the International Federation of Journalists about the crimes of the Israeli occupation against journalists

Ramallah (UNA/WAFA) - The General Supervisor of the Palestinian Official Media, Minister Ahmed Assaf, briefed the Secretary-General of the International Federation of Journalists, Anthony Belanger, on the ongoing occupation crimes against Palestinian journalists.

During the meeting held in his office in Ramallah, Minister Assaf provided a detailed explanation of the crimes of the Israeli occupation that target Palestinian journalists in general, and journalists working in the official media in particular, which are represented by direct assassinations, the most recent of which was from the official media, our colleague, the martyr Muhammad. Abu Hatab, Palestine TV correspondent, who died with his family in an Israeli bombing that directly targeted his home, in addition to the ongoing arrests of journalists, restrictions on their movement, and direct attacks on them.

Minister Assaf also spoke about global platforms fighting Palestinian content, stressing that this policy constitutes participation and complicity on the part of these platforms with the occupation and its ongoing crimes against our Palestinian people.

At the beginning of the meeting, Minister Assaf welcomed the guest, praising his courage in organizing this visit at a time when Palestine is being exposed to the most heinous crimes and massacres, indicating that his presence in Palestine constitutes a message of support to all Palestinian journalists to continue their work, and their duty to expose and highlight the crimes of the occupation. for all the world.

Minister Assaf handed the Secretary-General lists documenting the crimes of the Israeli occupation against journalists and employees of the official media in Gaza and the West Bank, and the fight against Palestinian content on global digital platforms.

The meeting was attended by the head of the Journalists Syndicate, Nasser Abu Bakr, a number of members of the Syndicate’s General Secretariat, and the general directors of the General Authority for Radio and Television.

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