UN Women warns of the repercussions of the war in Gaza on women and girls

New York (UNA/QNA) - Sarah Hendricks, Deputy Executive Director of UN Women, expressed deep concern for the lives of women and girls as the war continues in the Gaza Strip, stressing that what is happening is a “deep crisis” that the region has not witnessed for decades.

The United Nations News website quoted Hendricks as saying that there is a disproportionate impact of the conflict on women and girls, stressing the importance of recognizing and identifying “the specific and urgent needs and vulnerabilities of women and addressing them.”

She stressed that it is necessary to support women and girls to access safe shelter, protection, and maternal health care, adding that basic needs, including water, sanitation, food, and fuel, are critical to the survival and well-being of women and girls.

She said that the ongoing hostilities and their very serious humanitarian consequences will create special risks and vulnerabilities for women in the Gaza Strip, adding, “What we need is a humanitarian ceasefire now with unimpeded access to humanitarian aid that includes things that are critical for every family, for every Life, including food, water, health supplies, and especially fuel, which is critical to the survival of women and girls in the Gaza Strip.”

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