The Palestinian Foreign Ministry: Israel is using the phrase “self-defense” as a cover to violate and annex the West Bank

Ramallah (UNA-QNA) - The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the Israeli entity is exploiting the phrase "self-defense" as a cover to violate the West Bank, gradually and undeclared annexations, and shed more Palestinian blood.

The Ministry stated in a statement today that the international reactions towards the crimes of the occupation and settlers against the Palestinian people in general, and in Jenin and its camp in particular, are still hovering in the same place that we are accustomed to, and have not yet deviated from the traditional stereotypes and formal formulas that reflect the determination of society. The international community insists on adhering to international double standards, and not assuming its legal and political responsibilities towards the occupation, persecution, and historical injustice that has been going on for more than 75 years to our people, and has not risen to the level of the occupation’s crimes, its grave violations, and its rebellion against international law and resolutions of international legitimacy.

And she added, in light of the scenes and images that the media transmit from Jenin and its camp regarding destruction, displacement, vandalism, killing, preventing medical personnel from carrying out their work, and targeting journalists to prevent them from reporting the truth of what is happening, some countries that used to stand on the wrong side of history appear to us, and they have always To provide protection for the occupation, and provide a safety net for it from accountability and international sanctions, under the slogan (supporting Israel's security and its right to defend itself), without those countries clarifying the legal limits of Israel's right to defend itself and the limits of its security.

In this regard, the ministry indicated that this matter is being exploited by the occupying state as a cover to unleash its military machine and its settler militias to encroach on the occupied West Bank, at a time when we do not hear such positions supporting the Palestinian right to resist the occupation first, support its security second, and defend its land, homes, properties and sanctities third. .

The Ministry expressed its strong condemnation of this position emanating from countries that claim to adhere to human rights and the principle of the two-state solution, and called on them to review their positions in line with international law and the values ​​that they pride themselves on.

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