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Myanmar postpones sentencing of Muslims accused of traveling to the capital

Arakan (INA) - A Myanmar court has postponed the verdict against 17 Rohingya Muslims accused of illegally entering Yangon - the ancient capital of Myanmar - in an attempt to reach Malaysia through human trafficking networks. The postponement came last Monday after the court said: The more charges it reached fall under the country's penal code. The men also face criminal charges under the penal code and immigration law, a police officer told the Anadolu news agency over the phone. Referring to the term Rohingya, which the government rejects and considers them illegal immigrants from neighboring Bangladesh - as it claims. The court had previously sentenced five of them to two years in prison with hard labor last October, according to the illegal transfer law. It is noteworthy that the men traveled from Arakan State to Yangon temporarily to travel to Malaysia through human trafficking networks, and each of them paid 1.1 million kyats (more than $ 850) to people smugglers to smuggle them from Arakan State to Yangon by land through the town of Magway, which is located about 520 km away. Kilometers northwest of the former capital and then to Malaysia. (End) Pm / h p

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