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Islamic Cooperation inspects the conditions of refugees from Central Africa in Chad

Jeddah (INA) – The Organization of Islamic Cooperation mission will head to the Republic of Chad tomorrow, Wednesday, to inspect the conditions of refugees from Central Africa who fled sectarian violence in Bangui recently. The mission is headed by the Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, Ata Al-Manan Bakhit, who is accompanied by a delegation from the General Secretariat of the Organization, in addition to an advanced delegation from the Islamic Solidarity Fund of the Organization. The mission is scheduled to meet at a later time with the political leadership in N'Djamena, and the concerned parties in humanitarian affairs there. The mission will also provide humanitarian support to those affected in the capital, N'Djamena, and in the border areas with the Central African Republic. The mission in N'Djamena will discuss the humanitarian repercussions of tens of thousands of people fleeing to Chad, fleeing the tragic events in Central Africa, and their passage through difficult humanitarian conditions that require the organization's action to assess the necessary needs for them, in an attempt to contain their worsening crisis, and to enlighten the Islamic world on the extent of this tragedy. (I finish)

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