Hajj and UmrahHajj reports for the year 1445 AH

The Air Force supports the security services in organizing and managing the airspace in the Holy Sites

Makkah Al-Mukarramah (UNA/SPA) - The Royal Saudi Air Force participates in the Hajj season as part of the comprehensive plan of the Ministry of Defense. To support the efforts and plans of all security agencies and government agencies aimed at providing all facilities to serve the guests of God.

The Air Force has harnessed its potential and capabilities to provide security support in strengthening security measures to prevent any incidents that would disrupt the security of Hajj and pilgrims and affect their safety from the moment they arrive to perform Hajj rituals until the moment they leave the holy sites.

The Air Force is responsible for organizing, managing and monitoring the airspace and supervising air traffic in the Holy Sites for all aircraft participating in the Hajj mission from other sectors, and securing the necessary aircraft in the Air Force detachment to implement the security plan, in addition to covering the air ports with technicians to detect dangerous materials.

It also works with the relevant authorities in the Ministry of Interior to follow up on security plans, traffic and pedestrian movement, and monitor the Holy Capital’s ports and sorting points. To prevent the infiltration of violators of Hajj regulations into the Holy Sites, this is done by operating flights around the clock using its helicopters equipped with the latest technology, which also participates in monitoring the movements of pilgrims to and from the Holy Sites during the three days of Hajj, in addition to conducting search and rescue and identifying bottleneck locations.

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