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On the occasion of the World Day of International Humanitarian Law: The Organization of Islamic Cooperation calls for respecting its principles and rules and promoting the values ​​of peace

grandmother (UNA) - In light of the increase in armed conflicts with their various humanitarian dimensions and repercussions, and the ongoing violations of international humanitarian law by the Israeli occupation authorities in the Gaza Strip and the entire occupied Palestinian territory, and in commemoration of the World Day of International Humanitarian Law, which falls on May 9, the General Secretariat of the Organization for Cooperation calls on The Islamic Conference seeks to raise the level of global awareness of the necessity of respecting the principles and rules of international humanitarian law aimed at providing protection to innocent people, especially in the occupied Palestinian territory, and victims of conflicts and wars.

By designating May 1 of each year as World International Humanitarian Law Day in accordance with its Resolution No. 42/2015 issued by the forty-second session of the Council of Foreign Ministers held in Kuwait in XNUMX, the organization affirms its deep commitment to strengthening the principles and rules of international humanitarian law.

The General Secretariat takes this opportunity to call on the international community to exert diplomatic, political and legal pressure on Israel to respect international humanitarian law throughout the occupied Palestinian territory. It also calls on member states to take advantage of this day to carry out activities that contribute to strengthening the rules of international humanitarian law and ensuring their application on the ground. In order to protect civilians, especially children, women, the elderly, refugees and the displaced.

It also calls on all societies to consolidate the values ​​of peaceful coexistence, tolerance and acceptance of others and to take concrete measures to strengthen and implement international humanitarian law, many of whose principles are at the heart of tolerant Islamic values.

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