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The Islamic Summit in Gambia praises the outcomes of the “Media and its Role in Fueling Hatred and Violence” Forum

Banjul (UNA) - The fifteenth session of the Islamic Summit Conference in Banjul, Gambia praised the outcomes of the international forum organized by the Union of News Agencies of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries (UNA) entitled “The Media and its Role in Fueling Hatred and Violence: The Dangers of Misinformation and Bias” in the city of Jeddah on November 26, 2023, in cooperation with the Muslim World League and with the participation of all official news agencies in the organization’s member states, and a number of international media outlets and intellectual and religious institutions.

In its final statement issued at the end of its work today, Sunday (May 5, 2024), the Islamic Summit noted the special theme included in the forum on “Biasness and Misinformation in the International Media: The Palestinian Issue as an Example,” which sought to address the bias to which the Palestinian issue is exposed in some media outlets. The West prevents the violations of the Israeli occupation from being exposed and enabling the Palestinian Shihab to obtain his rights.

It is noteworthy that the Union participated in the summit’s work as one of the specialized bodies affiliated with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and responsible for coordinating the media action of member states towards common issues, especially within the framework of official national news agencies.

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