PalestineOrganization of Islamic Cooperation

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation expresses its deep regret over the failure of the Security Council to accept the membership of the State of Palestine in the United Nations due to the American veto.

grandmother (UNA)- I expressed organization Cooperat Islamic , Sorry extreme To fail board Security International in Undertaking With his responsibilities towards Grant nation Palestine Membership complete in Nations united, in Time Which exposed in it People Palestinian For the harshest grades Aggression And persecution And exterminationfor collective, Considerable , Recruitment the states United Nations American right Veto disagree provisions Charter Nations United Nations Which TheAllow With membership In which For all Countries which Accept With commitments Incoming in it, gesticulate still Converts Without Enable People Palestinian of Nile his rights legitimate, , contribute in extension extend injustice Historic Indeed on People Palestinian Ago 75 years.

كما confirmed the organization on right nation Palestine The project in embodiment her position Political And legal in Nations United Nations likewise With the rest Countries the scientist, Considering that Deservedly duty implementation Ago contracts, Based on To Rights Political And legal And historical And natural For the people Palestinian in his land, which I confirmed it Decisions Nations United Nations self relevance, Aggravating in Time Himself on , recognition In a country Palestine constribte in Investigation Peace And stability And he paves the way to apply The two countries.

crossed the organization , Appreciate it For situations Countries which Upheld Project the decision in board Security International About membership Palestine in Nations united, , Pamper on Her parking To Side Right And justice and freedom And peace, And he rejected it Policies Occupation Colonial Israeli, كما she called in Time Himself Countries which refused Or I refrained , Vote on the decision To audit And straighten Her positions what chimes in with Its obligations under the law International And a charter Nations United Nations And its decisions self Relevance.

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