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Bayt Mal Al-Quds Al-Sharif Agency announces the Ramadan program in Jerusalem 1445 AH

Rabat (Yona) – The Bayt Mal Al-Quds Al-Sharif Agency, affiliated with the Al-Quds Committee, headed by the King of the Kingdom of Morocco, Mohammed VI, announced yesterday evening in Rabat during its “Night of Charity” charity event, which it organized coinciding with the night of the Night of Isra and Mi’raj, the program for the month of Ramadan in Jerusalem for the year 1445 AH, with a financial budget of... 300 thousand US dollars, in the presence of a number of ambassadors and representatives of the Arab and Islamic diplomatic corps accredited to the Kingdom of Morocco..

This process is divided into 22 food parcels A variety of basic foodstuffs, for the benefit of 1000 beneficiary families, and more than 3000 food rations, at a rate of 100 daily food rations, in addition to organizing nights of Quran, praise, and religious chanting, every Friday night of the holy month, in addition to allocating Eid clothing for the benefit of 200 orphans..

For this charitable event, the agency invited social and economic institutions, and a number of businessmen and philanthropists to contribute to financing the program, after its successful implementation during the month of Ramadan last year, from which 128 families of orphans sponsored by the agency benefited, in addition to 500 needy families, and 131 families. From Jerusalem school guards, as well as 80 families whose breadwinners lost their sources of livelihood, along with members of a number of charitable and social institutions..

And every year, the beneficiaries of Operation Ramadan are selected according to principles and criteria set by a committee of social workers, under the supervision of the Office Coordinating the Agency’s programs and projects in Jerusalem, which are the criteria that give the Agency and its partner social institutions in the Holy City the ability to determine priorities for selection, within the limits of the budget allocated to this process..

The director in charge of running the agency, Muhammad Salem Al-Sharqawi, said in a speech during the charity ceremony, “The agency’s management believes that diversifying funding sources is not a choice, but rather a responsibility dictated by the desire to strengthen the institution’s presence as a primary partner in Jerusalem, and to enhance its capabilities to respond to the needs of the Palestinian population and their institutions, not Especially in these difficult circumstances that the entire region is going through".

In this regard, he recalled that “every dirham, dollar or euro collected by the Foundation is directed directly to financing projects without deducting fees or file expenses, because the expenses of running the agency are fully insured by a generous grant from the government of the Kingdom of Morocco.”".

He added that the agency recently strengthened the procedures for accuracy and safety in managing funds, by developing and digitizing management work mechanisms, and thus obtained a quality certificate in the field of donation management and procedures for financing and implementing projects in Jerusalem, after fulfilling the requirements of the international standard.

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