Organization of Islamic Cooperation

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation renews its firm position of non-interference in the internal affairs of member states

Jeddah (UNA) - The General Secretariat of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation confirmed that it is following with great concern the developments of the situation taking place in the Middle East region, the resulting serious repercussions, and the violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of some member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

The General Secretariat said in a statement that, in line with the principles and objectives contained in the Charters of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the United Nations and international norms, which call for respecting the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of member states, and respecting the principles of good neighborliness and international laws and norms, the General Secretariat renews the firm position of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Supporting the unity, independence and sovereignty of Iraq and all member states over all its territories.

According to the General Secretariat, the Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Hussein Ibrahim Taha, called for all efforts to be made in order for peace to prevail in the region and for his countries to enjoy security, peace, stability and prosperity.

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