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The Organization of Islamic Cooperation urges finding innovative solutions to promote employment and work in member states

Baku (UNI) - The preparatory meeting of senior officials for the work of the Fifth Islamic Conference of Labor Ministers was launched today, November 21, 2023, in Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan, under the slogan: “Innovative solutions and digitization of labor and employment services in the member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.”

The Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Kwasa Singendo, who represents His Excellency the Secretary-General at this meeting, touched on the goal of the conference to keep pace with important technological developments and trends related to labor, employment and social development policies in the member states of the organization, given the worrying trends of increasing unemployment rates. , especially among young people.

Dr. Singendo also highlighted the emergence of new categories of workers within the platform economy as a flexible factor during the Corona pandemic. He also stressed the potential of the platform economy to create job opportunities, especially for youth and women, through adopting flexible work arrangements and providing additional sources of income.

Dr. Singendo stressed the need for OIC member states to strengthen their education and training systems, including focusing on digital literacy, critical thinking, and vocational training compatible with emerging industries, which is critical for future job opportunities and economic growth. He stressed that the critical skill that the twenty-one educational institutions must impart to learners in the twenty-first century is to teach them how to learn, so that they can engage in continuous learning.

Dr. Singendo stressed the importance of holding periodic consultations and sharing experiences through the Islamic Conference of Labor Ministers, and urged member states to take practical steps in implementing the OIC frameworks for cooperation, especially the OIC Framework Agreement in the field of work, employment and social protection, as well as the OIC strategy. Islamic labor market.

The Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Affairs stressed the need for OIC member states to provide their support to the OIC Action Center, the new specialized institution that will focus on issues of work, employment and social protection, and to contribute effectively to the implementation of OIC decisions and initiatives through relevant projects and programmes.

In conjunction with the holding of the senior staff meeting, and in the same hall, a preparatory meeting of senior staff was held for the opening ministerial session of the General Assembly of the OIC Action Centre. Among other items on the agenda of the meeting, the senior officials reviewed the progress made in implementing the resolutions of the Islamic Conference of Labor Ministers, the OIC Labor Market Strategy and various activities aimed at addressing the unemployment dilemma, strengthening the capabilities of the labor force and improving social protection.

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