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The Commissioner of UNRWA confirms the agency’s keenness to deliver humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip

Riyadh (UNA) - The Commissioner-General of UNRWA, Philippe Lazzarini, confirmed that the process of delivering humanitarian aid without conditions and meeting the enormous humanitarian needs in the Gaza Strip is one of the things that UNRWA is keen on, despite the Israeli side’s refusal to enter all trucks and being satisfied with a limited number that does not meet the requirements of the affected population.

He said in his speech during the extraordinary joint Arab-Islamic summit, held in Riyadh today: The military operation by the Israeli forces forced many residents of Gaza to leave their homes, in addition to the loss of life it caused exceeding 10 people, the majority of whom were women and children, in addition to... Nearly 101 staff members of the United Nations Palestinian Refugee Agency were killed in the conflict in Gaza.

He added: What I saw in Gaza will remain with me forever, from the sight of women and children present in UNRWA shelters asking for food, food and water, as well as the sight of schools crowded with huge numbers of refugees, which does not meet the basic standards and rights for a decent life. Life in Gaza is shocking and difficult for people to live in. Its population, food, medicine and fuel are about to expire.

The UNRWA Commissioner pointed out that the residents of Gaza feel that they lack human rights, and that the world has abandoned them, pointing out that he warned, at an international conference in Paris to support the Palestinians in Gaza, of the danger of double standards, dehumanization of them, and the process of displacement and exodus to which they are subjected. For it, and from the spread of the conflict to other areas, especially in the West Bank, which has reached a boiling point with the Israeli forces practicing violence against Palestinian citizens.

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