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Hussein Taha appreciates the efforts of the OIC Radio and Television Union to develop the radio and television sectors

Jeddah (UNA) - The Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Hussein Ibrahim Taha, delivered a speech during the opening session of the General Assembly meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Radio and Television Union, on Monday, October 02, 2023, in which he appreciated the Union’s efforts to develop the radio and television sectors of the Organization’s member states.

The Secretary-General praised the material and logistical support provided by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to advance the Union’s work and advance it to the ranks of the leading media institutions in the field of radio and television work, expressing deep appreciation to the Minister of Information of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mr. Salman bin Youssef Al-Dosari, for his personal contributions to developing the Union’s work.

The Secretary-General, in his recorded speech to the Union’s General Assembly meeting, which was held virtually, appreciated the tangible efforts that were achieved during the last period of the Union’s life, and praised the efforts made to move the Union’s work and develop it for the better within a short period, pointing to the great responsibility that the Union bears to crystallize And spreading a balanced religious and cultural discourse to others about Islam and Muslims, contributing to removing confusion and distortion of the true message of Islam, and confronting successive distortion campaigns targeting the true Islamic religion and its sacred symbols.

Hussein Ibrahim Taha called on the Union to redouble its efforts to provide an interesting and balanced radio, television, and programmatic media presentation about the message of Islam and the Islamic peoples, and to consolidate it in the minds of the youth of the Islamic nation, and to present it to non-Muslims in the best media format that can be easily absorbed, by holding media forums with Western or Western media institutions. Through the Union’s social media sites and other media institutions of the organization.

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