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ISESCO participates in the Seventh National Conference of the Arabic Language in Indonesia

lace (UNA) - The Center for Arabic Language for Speakers of Other Languages ​​in the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) participated in the Seventh National Conference for the Arabic Language in the Republic of Indonesia, organized by the Malang State University, under the auspices of the International Association of Arabic Departments, yesterday, Saturday (October 9, 2021), via Visual communication technology, under the title Creativity and Innovation in Teaching the Arabic Language in Indonesia in the Era of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Dr. Youssef Ismaili, an expert at the Centre, participated in the conference from the ISESCO Center for the Arabic Language to Speakers of Other Languages, where he presented the third main lecture in the opening session, on the Centre’s initiatives to serve the Arabic language and enhance its status, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, and provided an introduction to the ISESCO Bayan Award for Expressive Creativity in the Language. Arabic in its second session in 2021, and the ISESCO Prize for Women’s Poetry, the poem for the Year of Women 2021. He called on educational institutions in Indonesia to encourage Arabic language students to participate in the organization’s competitions and activities, and experts and researchers to participate in the ISESCO Zdni Alma educational series. He spoke about the project to issue a series of specialized studies in the field of teaching the Arabic language to non-native speakers, within the framework of ISESCO’s efforts to deepen scientific and educational research, benefit from expertise and exchange successful experiences with researchers specializing in the field of teaching the Arabic language to non-native speakers. (I finish)

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