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In his speech before the Baghdad conference.. Al-Othaimeen calls on the Islamic and international community to support Iraq

grandmother (UNA) - The Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Dr. Yousef bin Ahmed Al-Othaimeen, called on the Islamic, Arab and international community to support Iraq and its government, in order to establish security, bring peace, stability, development, reconstruction, and non-interference in its internal affairs. This came in the speech delivered by the Secretary-General before the Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership in All Fields, which was held in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, on August 28, 2021. Stressing that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and its bodies bless all the good efforts and endeavors to support the unity of Iraq, the integrity of its lands, and the establishment of its security and stability, And reconstruction to continue its pioneering role in the Islamic and Arab world. Al-Othaimeen pointed out that Iraq stands on the cusp of a new phase represented in restoring security, stability, reconstruction and development throughout its entire territory, which requires regional and international support in order to strengthen the pillars of security, peace, stability, development, partnership and cooperation with all, within the framework of respect for its sovereignty over its land and its people. Al-Othaimeen added: The Organization of Islamic Cooperation encourages the efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its leadership, as the chair of the Islamic Summit in its current session, and the efforts of all partnerships, to support Iraq politically and economically and to support it in reconstruction and development. On the other hand, the Secretary-General stressed the urgent need to support Iraq's efforts to defeat terrorism and extremism so that it can play its role in development, partnership, cooperation and collective security. (I finish)

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