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The General Council of Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions opens its annual meetings

Manama (UNA) - The General Council of Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions opened, yesterday, Monday, the work of the annual meetings for the year 2021. Over two days, the XNUMXst General Assembly meeting will be held, as well as other meetings and events that will be held on the sidelines of the General Assembly to bring together members, strategic partners, and stakeholders in various dialogue platforms to discuss the latest developments in the industry and global markets, and meet the needs of members. This year's meetings coincide with the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the General Council, the official umbrella for Islamic financial institutions around the world. During the first day, (3) closed meetings were held for the Working Groups of the General Council in various fields, namely: the sixteenth meeting of the Scientific Authority for Accreditation, the ninth meeting of the Advisory Group for Members, and the third meeting of the Sustainability Working Group, to discuss current initiatives and express an opinion and recommendation on the work plan for the third quarter. And the fourth of this year. The fourth strategic seminar for qualification and professional development in Islamic finance was also held, which brought together a group of prominent speakers, including representatives of professional development agents in the General Council, chief executives and directors of human resources departments in Islamic banks and financial institutions, and stakeholders via videocast. During the sessions, strategies for modern training were presented in light of current developments and developments, and ways to improve human capabilities in the Islamic finance industry to be in line with market requirements and the work environment were discussed. The seminar opened with welcoming speeches by Dr. Abdul-Ilah Balatieq, Secretary General of the General Council, followed by special words by Dr. Akram Lal Din, Executive Director of the International Sharia Research Academy in Malaysia and a member of the Scientific Authority for Accreditation in the General Council. The episode witnessed an effective discussion session that included an elite group of training pioneers in Islamic finance, namely: Dr. Lulwa Al Mutlaq, Owner and Founder, Golden Trust for Training and Consulting (Bahrain); Dr. Mohamed Ghaleb, Deputy Director General, Al Salam Center for Training, Research and Consultation (Djibouti); Wans Adel Abdel-Fattah, Executive Director, Pioneers Summits International Training Institute (Saudi Arabia); Moderated by Mrs. Zainab Al-Awainati, Director of Administrative and Financial Affairs, General Council. During the session, the latest developments in the field of training were highlighted, and the main opportunities and challenges in adopting modern technological solutions for education and vocational training were presented. The speakers also presented their successful experiences in electronic platforms, tests, and the approval of the General Council's training programmes. This initiative falls under the outputs of the third strategic objective of professional qualification and empowerment, through which the General Council seeks to develop professional capabilities and qualify human cadres in the Islamic financial services industry. As the General Council, the voice of the Islamic financial industry always aims to provide high-level professional platforms that support the growth and development of resources. Humankind brings together industry professionals to enrich dialogue and promote knowledge sharing on important issues in the industry. The annual General Council meetings and events will continue during today, Tuesday, by holding a General Council symposium with PricewaterhouseCoopers on international tax developments in the Islamic financial industry, launching the sixth global questionnaire for Islamic bankers on: A future outlook for the Islamic banking sector, and the strategic session for members of the General Council: Evaluation and Review. The strategic plan 2019 - 2022, in addition to the launch ceremony of the General Council Award for the year 2021 on: Adopting Financial Technology, and the twenty-first General Assembly meeting of the General Council. We recall that the General Council was established in 2001 by the Islamic Development Bank Group and a leading group of Islamic banks and financial institutions to represent the voice of the Islamic financial industry. The General Council, which is headquartered in Bahrain, is affiliated with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

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